Head doctor
Nataliia Koba

The main it is that doctor finds rapport with the patient, in an atmosphere of emotional comfort and the treatment process becomes more efficient.

Dentist, general planing and treatment
Bohdan Kondratiuk

He believes that in the most hopeless situation, any problem can be solved by interdisciplinary approach. Supporter of the golden section in the creation of aesthetics smile .

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Orthodontist, surgeon
Nataliia Kosiuk

When planning treatment, except function and aesthetics, considers that dialogue of doctor-patient it important. No similar clinical cases. For best results, it is important to hear the patient.

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Implantologist, surgeon, Prosthodontist & Smile Design
Oleg Mastakov

Believes that a solid foundation - the key to successful development. Success in detail. Once and for all.

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Kateryna Nazarenko

After a comprehensive diagnosis is important focus on priorities. As the success of treatment - individual approach. She believes that natural smile - the best decoration.

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Hygienist, prosthodotic
Armen Chilingarian

He believes that mutual loyalty, love and respect for the beloved job and well as for relationships, is the key to success.

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Dentist, Endodontist
Anastasiia Dacenko

Honesty is openness and avoidance of deceit in dealing with other people and with oneself. It is this fundamental quality that is considered the foundation of mutual understanding between the doctor and the patient.

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Implantologist, oral surgeon
Hanna An

She believes that a comprehensive treatment is comparable with the journey, in which you are moving from point A to point B.

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Svitlana Zakurko

Fully supports and follows the words of Avicenna, that the doctor must have the look of a falcon, the girl's hands, the wisdom of a snake and the heart of a lion.

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