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About the clinic SCIENCE

Diagnosis and treatment are carried out in all major areas of dentistry: therapy, orthopedic stomatology, prosthetic dentistry, maxillofacial surgery and implantation, parodontology, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, as well as X-ray diagnostics with the ability to receive a 3D-image and anesthesiology. All types of dental work carried out with the use of innovative materials and advanced equipments that ensures a high level of treatment quality and allows to reach the most accurate and efficient results.

Our dental equipment
Ultrasound Surgery

We work with German equipment Piezosurgery III - Mectron. This equipment allows us to carry out: the transplantation of bone material, replanting of bone blocks and artificial bone, splitting of jaw to increase bone volume, orthognathic surgery, ultrasound implantation, sinuslifting and ultrasound removal of atypical location of teeth. The peculiarity of of this device is that at work it is very safe and atraumatic bone cuts. After the intervention of the bone wound surface is restored and directed coalesces. The device does not cut soft tissue, nerves, blood vessels, membranes and ligaments. By this it is extremely necessary for the safe and painless treatment.

Dental equipment

All of our dental chairs the medical center of the Italian production, air micromotors BienAir tips and best manufacturers: KaVo (Germany), NSK (Japan). All dental handpieces and fitted with light and further cooling to prevent errors and complications in service. We have the ability to preparetion the teeth using sandblasting nozzle of tip RondoFlex, conduct professional oral hygiene on the ultrasound equipment German Mectron and AirFlow KaVo.

The device of a diode bleaching

Wehave been searching for teeth whitening device. Our selection is Beyond Polus USA. This appliance carries out bleaching safely and efficiently. In just 30 minutes your teeth are very white, and the effect is kept for a year. This method is the safest, internationally certified system. In our medical center device 2016 - the latest generation. It can produce bleaching light diode or diode light with ultrasound. An ultrasonic function is available only in this device, and only in this latter modification. We are very proud of this choice because now you can to bleach a teeth up to 20 shades. In Ukraine, the latest generation of these devices are only five.

Intraoral digital radiography

Only in our Medical Center used a portable X-ray device ultra-low power at a very low level of radiation comparable to stay under the open sun. All X-ray images can be made both in analog and digital form. With VistaScan the device of the German company Durr Dental, we take digital pictures up to 4 teeth that much more informative of any visiograph X- RAY. Our method is the most perfect and safe in a portable intraoral radiography.

Centrifuge PRF

The medical center Sciedece no postoperative edema and inflammatory processes because any large surgical procedure, we use the A-Prf membrane made from the patient's blood. They allow you to remove inflammation, speed healing, vascular formation, three-dimensional position of the power of the operative field, bone formation, prevent infection, and promote the formation of a large volume of the gingival tissue. Our clinic uses a French special tubes and centrifuge professor Chukruna (Nice, France). It was he who came up with this technology and is now available to everyone thanks to our medical center.

Laser diode Piacasso

Doctors Medical Center Sciedece (William James Sidis) using laser technology. They can hold you to laser bleaching, sterile section of soft tissue laser implantation, destroy pathogenic flora in periodontal pockets to hold the plastic bridle, to excise the tumor, a papilloma in the head, neck and mouth. This device allows any interference with minimal blood loss, safely, with the rapid recovery of normal tissue, sterile and safe.

Leica Microscope

If the doctor sees what he is doing - it is halfway to a perfect result. With us you will forget about the feeling of having veneers or crowns in the mouth, even if they stand on all 32 teeth. You will never again feel and see the transition zone of artificial structures and the living tissues of the tooth. Your smile is pure white, symmetrical and healthy. The accuracy of location promotes proper orthopedic structures, their geometry, mechanics, physics, and as a consequence of function and beauty. We see 40 times more than the rest with these microscopes. And as a result of your smile looks natural, beautiful and really attractive.

occlusion planning

In our clinic, orthopedic and orthodontic work produced in the articulator. This special complex mechanical devices to simulate the movement of the patient's jaw. With their help, we make crowns, veneers, planning occlusion curves, is building a correct bite, rational and uniform load on the joints. We vossozdaёm your teeth are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional with mathematical precision in the articulator Artex.

Sterility and purity

We use German equipment and materials for cleaning, disinfection and sterile. All the tools are multi-level purification and processing with the final autoclaving in Melag 23 B +. Our medical center is equipped with a separate sterilization. It is a model, functional and one of the few centers where sterilization runs and maintains tools for European international protocols. All tools are individually packed in special heat packs to maintain sterility. With us, you can not worry for the safety and sterility conditions, is the primary and fundamental task for us.