There is a true story about us.

What is it... SCIEDECE?!

      “SCIE ntific
  DE ntal
    CE nter”

On March 28, 2015 a preliminary agreement was reached between Bohdan Kondratiuk, Takeshi Mitsui and Gerhard Kainzner about documentary evidence of finansial investments to establish Scientific center of dentistry and ultrasound surgery - SCIEDECE in Kiev, Ukraine. June 2, 2015, with the support of investments from Japan (70%) and Austria (30%), and thanks to the diligence and perseverance of Bohdan Kondratiuk the company was officially to establish. And on November 15, after having received the licence, the first clients visited the dental clinic Sciedece.

The name was chosen not by chance. In our practice there are no experiments on clients or untested methods of treatment. Quality for us is the key to success.

Most of the doctors activly engaged in science: we publish articles and the leading doctors are speakers, who publishes their findings. For example, one of the doctors of Sciedece - Eugen Fesenko publishes books, magazines, conducts scientific activity and statistical analysis. Oleg Mastakov is engaged in aethetic dentistry on the crest of technologies in the field of prosthetics and surgery. Natalia Kosiuk is an orthodontist with mathematical precision, and Katerina Nazarenko fully covers therapeutic dentistry. In the team, every person occupies an important place and is an integral part of the company - from the administrator Victoria to the junior staff whose work can be assessed for irreproachable cleanliness.

Today the team of Sciedece consists of 17 professionals, 10 of whom are doctors. On December 2, 2017, the company has reached 2.5 years old and till this period the dental clinic had outgrown most of its competitors and has become a multidisciplinary high-tech equipped dental health center. The company is successful not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. From the words of the director Bohdan Kondratiuk, it happened only thanks to the diligence and perfect skills of the doctors' team and average staff. They constantly continue their working for the common goal and doing that with pleasure and careless attantion to our patients. Our Credo: "We know how much your health is important to your happiness".