Weekends and public holidays for 2017 - 2018

the 24, 30 AND 31 of DECEMBER 2017, AND ALSO FROM 1 to 15 JANUARY, from 8 to 12 MARCH, FROM 7 TO 9 APRIL, FROM 1 TO 6 MAY, 28 june, FROM 12 TO 26 AUGUST AND 29, 30, 31 DECEMBER 2018 collective of Medical Center Sciedece will have a rest

The equipment will be scheduled inspection and maintenance. We will be able to accept you again in other days, and render every possible support in the sphere of dentistry. We apologize for the discomfort. In cases of urgent need, you can contact by phone 0731001835 or viber. You can also contact us on the holiday period by mail . Have a good holiday!

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