Workshop for Orthodontist

Patricia Vergara: Mini Screw

Date: 11-12th of December 2018 (9.00-18.00)
Location: Bukovel resort, Ukraine (location is being established)

Dr. Patricia Vergara Villarreal studied at Columbia's Military University in New Granada focusing in orthodontics. Over the years she has been a speaker at many conferences and workshops around the
world. She has worked in cooperation with Dr. John Jin-Jong Lin and Pablo Echarry Lobiondo. Patricia Vergara Villarreal is well-known due to her successful orthodontic practice and perfect technics on working with mini screws.

Topic: Orthodontics without limits. Treatment biomechanics for impacted canines, using skeletal anchorage in infrazygomatic crest area (IZS) and buccal shelf (BSS).

There is a great amount of courses on skeletal anchorage, and there is Dr Patricia Vergara Villarreal. 11-12th of December dr.Patricia Vergara will visit Bukovel with her family and with her lecture «Orthodontics without limits». 

We have opportunity to conquer the peaks of Bukovel, at the same time to master our way to orthodontic peaks. Doctor Patricia Vergara is popular around the world with her novelty visions of orthodontics, as well with a unique technique of teaching, for immediate implementation into the practice. Doctor Patricia Vergara will present her new lecture about using technics of BSS and IZS in unusual situations.

Practical orthodontics is much easier and efficient using microimplants. With it’s help it is possible to accomplish difficult movements like rotations, intrusion, distalization, without loosing the anchorage. Knowing the basics of biomechanics and using microimplants allows to make teeth movements in an easy way. 

At this course will be taught biomechanics, needed for more efficient teeth movements.


* Physical features of microimplants
* Traditional biomechanics using microimplants 
* Advantages of using skeletal anchorage in infrazygomatic crest area (IZS) and buccal shelf (BSS)
* Clinical criteria for installation of mini-moldes
* Using of short elastics
* Change of occlusal plane for treatment of CLII, CLIII
* Clinical guide for treatment of deep and open bite
* Biomechanics in case of: intrusion, retraction of incisors, proper leveling, molar mesialization
* Biomechanics for impacted canines using skeletal anchorage (upper labial impacted canines, upper palatal impacted canines, lower impacted canines)
* Protocol VISTA for impacted canines
* Acceleration of teeth movement (PROPEL)
Big amount of clinical cases.

Practical course:
Auxiliary wires fabrication for treatment of impacted canines. Placement of different kinds of microimplants, depending on clinical situation.
Practical part will be held using head phantoms and real microimplants. 
Instruments: Three jaw pliers, Bird beak pliers, Mathieu, Distal cutter

Lunch, coffee breaks are included

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Lecture - 280 
Lecture + workshop (if seats are avilable ) - 500 Euro

Starting from 1.12.2018 - 300 and 550 Euro respectively.
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Lecture: 100 Euro 

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See you on the snowy slopes of Bukovel!