Workshop for Orthodontist

Patricia Vergara: Mini Screw

Dear Orthodontists! Attention! Incredible long-awaited event!

We received confirmation and announced the opening of the registration for a practical seminar of the world-famous orthodontist from South America, Patricia Vergara Villarreal!

Course Details:

April 24th and 25th

Dr. Patricia Vergara had been sdudied at Columbia's Military University in New Granada focusing in
orthodontics. Over the years she has been a speaker in many conferences and workshops around the
world. She has worked in cooperation with Dr. John Jin-Jong Lin and Pablo Echarry Lobiondo. Patricia is
well-known because of her successful orhodonitc practice and perfect technics on working with mini

Sceletal anchorage in orthodontic practice which bases on mini screws. The ropes of installation in interradicular, infratemporal, palatine and external oblique line regions.

This workshop will cover all the information needed for attendees to successfully implement mini screw
procedures into their orthodontic practice by the end of workshop. Attendees will be able to identify
anatomical structures and the appropriate treatment options best fitted for their patients and their case.
Mini screws offer the opportunity for difficult bio-mechanical movements to be achieved in a simple
efficient quick manner while still being safe.

Day 1
9:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.
· Biomechanism of teeth movement using mini screws
· Physical features of mini screws
· Mini screw selection criteria and diagnostics
· Anatomic structures and safety anatomic regions
· Principles of biomechanics and mini screws
· Interradicular mini screws
· Surgical protocols for mini screws' placement
· Indications and contraindications for mini screws
· The ropes of installation into infratemporal region and external oblique line region
2 coffee brakes and buffet

Day 2

Part 1
· Biomechanics of using mini screws for the correction Class 1 (open bite) and Class 2 (overbite).
General and morphological characteristics. Goals of treatment.
· Biomechanics of RME and mini screws
· Anatomical variants of hard palate and safety regions for mini screws setting
· Impacted teeth and biomechanic treatment
· impacted teeth and biomechanics: upper labial impacted teeth, upper palatal impacted teeth, lower impacted teeth
2 coffee brakes

Part 2. Practical course
2:00p.m - 6:00p.m.
Lunch/Coffee brake

Participation fee:
Two days lecture - 280 EUR
Total amount (lecture and practical part) at the day of the workshop - 550 EUR

Pre-registration system of discounts:

Pre-registration 01.02.18 - 01.04.18
Lecture - 250 EUR
Lecture and practice - 550 EUR

Registration 01.04.18 - 24.04.18
Lecture - 280 EUR

There are special discounts for students and interns*:
pre-registration till 01.04.18 - 100 EUR
registration after 01.04.18 - 150 EUR

(limited amount of participants)

* There is a special price for students which operates due to the date of registration. It could be only
payed due to the requisits after checking all the documents by our maneger. Online registration for
students is impossible.

Every participent will be supply by the certificate.

Registration by phone:


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Please, book your tickets beforehands because of their limited amount.

The tickets for previous workshop in one of the CIS' countries were sold out in 1.5 month before.
Don't loose your chance to visit the first practical workshop in Ukraine from the well-known orthodont!
* The prices are fixed in eur (1 EUR = 36 UAH)
Online payment is in UAH or by the requisits after the registration. Buying tickets online is due to the
fixed course.
** Students and interns have to bring the copies of their documents which confirm their study and identify
a person. At the day of workshop students and interns have to identify themthelves with the originals of
the following documents (a student or an intern card) to get the prepaid passes. Other documents can't
be used for the registration and allow to participate at the conference.

Online tickets:

See you at WorkShop: Mini Screw from Patricia Vergara Villarreal!